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My company - Norvinges Transport, is a private company whose operations today are mainly of freelance journalism and article writing, primarily as a technical editor for the Svensk Åkeritidning (Swedish fleet owners magazine), but also a supplier to Klassiska Lastbilar (Classic Trucks magazine) etc. with an emphasis on commercial vehicles, both heavy and light, as well as new and old.

The website includes information in Swedish on the company's history, its mission and its customers. Facts about old truck projects, current reports and an extensive article archive magazines articles in the form of pdf files on articles produced since 1992.

In short, I'm self-employed at Norvinges Transport since late 1996 by truck fleet. By 2006 the company was restructured to operate in stone crushing and construction equipment. From May 2012 I work as a full time article supplier. Before that I worked with what we could call one page paper for a few years writing for a various publications.

I am located in western Sweden, in the countryside outside the small town Brålanda 120 kilometers north-east of Gothenburg.

My background is as a truck driver and agricultural worker before I became self-employed with a longstanding interest in commercial vehicles.

Other pages are mentioned in Swedish, but as they say, a picture tells a thousand words.

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